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Carpet Bacteria & Mold Removal in Newnan, GA

Carpet bacteria and molds can produce allergens and irritants that are potentially hazardous or even toxic if inhaled or touched (mycotoxins). These substances that can cause reactions such as coughing, sneezing, runny noses, upper or lower respiratory stress, eye itching, headaches, skin rashes or dermatitis and more. For carpet bacteria and mold removal, rely on the professionals at PENCO Clean for carpet mold cleaning, decontamination, drying or repair solutions.

PENCO Clean provides assistance in Albany, Ashburn, Brooks, Carrollton, Cordele, Coweta, and throughout the Newnan, GA, area. Call 678-722-8686 today or contact us online to learn more about carpet bacteria and mold removal, and ask about free estimates.

PENCO Clean Identifies & Removes Bacteria & Mold in Newnan Carpets

Bacteria or mold that's yet visible in carpets doesn't mean growth hasn't begun. Mold growth is more obvious after a flood or other event that leaves carpet persistently wet or damaged. Bacteria or other contaminants aren't always as visible as mold fungus. Potential trouble areas that might require carpet bacteria and mold removal by the professionals at PENCO Clean include:

Carpet Bacteria & Mold Identification, Prevention & Removal in Newnan & Sharpsburg
  • Visible mold growth: Sometimes visual inspection can detect obvious mold growth. If severe discoloration, spore clouding, odors, or brittleness in your carpets are easily apparent, the carpet is most likely not salvageable and should be disposed of and replaced after mold remediation.
  • Carpet mildew: Any carpet discoloration or odor that might be described as mildew is potentially or likely a case of mold.
  • Wet or water-damaged carpet: Any carpet subjected to water damage from flooding or standing water is not likely salvageable. Mold growth is too conducive.
  • Wet carpet pad: If padding becomes wet or moist from condensation or other reasons, the padding is also at risk for mold. Padding will likely need replacing.
  • Basement carpet: Carpeting at this level is especially at risk for mold contamination from humidity, temperature swings, leaks, floods or overflows.
  • Odors & stains: Left unattended or untreated, severe spills, pet soils, etc., can result in mold contamination.

Prevent Carpet Bacteria & Mold Growth With PENCO Clean in Newnan

Carpet Restoration: Padding After a Leak in Newnan, GA

Prevent carpet bacteria and mold growth by taking these preventative measures. If you suspect bacteria or molds in your carpets, contact PENCO Clean for an inspection and carpet cleaning, repair or removal.

  • Reduce indoor humidity: Dehumidifiers help control air moisture and deprive mold spores of the water they need to grow. A range of 30 to 60 percent humidity is acceptable for interiors.
  • Install intelligently: Do not install carpeting in areas that are likely to be subject to frequent, high moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Choose high-quality carpet padding: Solid, rubber-slab carpet padding with anti-microbial properties are best. They can be more expensive but can help prevent the mold growth in climates prone to high humidity.
  • Remove standing water: Submerged carpets will quickly be ruined. If cases of leaks, floods or spills, exposed carpeting must be immediately cleaned and dried professionally.
  • Dry cleaning first: Try to use a dry form of cleaning if possible. Any water, liquid, or other moisture on or in  carpet during cleaning should be dried thoroughly.

Trust PENCO Clean For Carpet Bacteria & Mold Removal in Newnan, GA

Carpet bacteria and mold removal is a rigorous process. Mold spores settle deep into carpet, and without professional attention, your carpet is likely to be lost. At PENCO Clean, we use high-power, industry-standard equipment like ozone generators and HEPA vacuums for carpet bacteria and mold removal.

If you require carpet bacteria and mold removal after a storm, water damage or other carpet disaster, our PENCO Clean skilled technicians can remove carpets and padding, clean and dry your subfloors, then clean, re-install or replace carpets and padding if necessary. Additional services include water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, storm damage, disinfection, content restoration, commercial restoration, and many more. Call 678-722-8686 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.

We provide carpet services and assistance in Albany, Ashburn, Brooks and throughout the Newnan area.

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