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Carpet Cleaning Method in Newnan, GA

Carpets offer more to our homes and offices than just a fresh look for the floor. Carpets also work as an air filter, trapping many air pollutants, and muffling sounds in high-traffic, noisy areas. To make sure the carpet lasts as long as possible, it must be cleaned regularly. If not, dirty carpets contribute to health hazards such as eczema, skin rashes, and allergies.

At PENCO Clean, we have professionals, who work in a wide array of carpet cleaning methods, to make your commercial and residential floor coverings, as clean as possible, in Fayette, and other cities, within our Newnan, GA service area. Feel free to contact us any time, that you need commercial carpet cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, carpet restretching, or any of our other services.

We also provide truck-mounted cleaning, steam cleaning, deep cleaning, shampooing, and dry cleaning throughout our service area. To learn more, give us a call today at 678-722-8686 or click here to make a cleaning appointment ASAP.

Steam Carpet Cleaning System

Our Steam Carpet Cleaning System by PENCO Clean

This cleaning system is also known as a hot water extraction method. This method sprays hot water in the carpets instead of steam. The hot water applies under high pressure, which sir up the dirt and dust from the carpet. Then a vacuum is used to pull out the dirt, and the carpet takes four to six hours to dry. It is considered one of the most effective ways to clean as it leaves your carpet feel softer, and it also helps kill the bacteria from the carpets.

Truck Mounted System

PENCO Clean's Truck-Mounted Cleaning System

The truck-mounted method is the most modern and cost-efficient cleaning process. The process includes:

  • A hot water extraction system.
  • The vacuum machine is mounted in a truck powered by a gasoline engine.
  • The main machine remains in the truck, and only the cleaning tools enter the house.
Portable Carpet Cleaning

Portable Carpet Cleaning in Newnan & East Newnan, GA

This method is used where professionals cannot use the truck-mounted system. There are some places where experts are not able to carry all the heavy equipment. So they use portable extractors to clean the carpets. The system is mostly used in high-rise buildings or where there is not enough parking space.

Choose PENCO Clean for Carpet Cleaning in Carrollton

At PENCO Clean, we are offer superior carpet cleaning methods for our commercial & residential customers in Carrolton, East Newnan, Turin, and other cities throughout our service area. In addition to carpet cleaning services, we also offer tile & grout cleaning, duck cleaning, 24-hour water removal services, and much more. To learn more, give us a call today at 678-722-8686 or click here to schedule a service today!


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