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Remove Bleach Spots & Stains from Carpets in Newnan, GA

Bleach that has been accidentally spilled or dropped on a carpet can create spots and stains if not removed immediately. Ultimately, the bleach spots and stains can result in tough stains that can be very hard to get rid of later. A carpet cleaning professional is who you will be looking for if something like this happens.

Penco Clean offers bleach spot & stain removal services in LaGrangeFairburnCoweta & our other service areas. We provide a wide range of carpet stain removal services like acid-based stains, makeup stains, old & dried stains, and more. Call us today at 678-722-8686 or contact us online for further consultation!

Understand the Risks of Bleach Stains on Your Carpets

Understanding the risks associated with using bleach on carpets is crucial to prevent accidental damage and discoloration. Here are some key points to consider:

pet odor & stain on the carpet
  • Color Fading and Discoloration: Bleach is a powerful chemical that can strip away colors from fabrics, including carpets. When bleach comes into contact with carpet fibers, it can cause the affected area to lose its original color, resulting in white or light spots.
  • Permanent Damage: In most cases, bleach stains on carpets are permanent. Once the color is altered, it is challenging, if not impossible, to restore the carpet to its original appearance.
  • Weakening of Fibers: Bleach can weaken the fibers of the carpet, making it more prone to wear and tear. Over time, the affected area may become frayed and damaged, leading to the need for patching or replacement.
  • Unsightly Patches: Bleach spots on carpets are usually unsightly and can significantly detract from the overall appearance of a room. This can be a considerable concern, especially if the damaged area is in a prominent location.

Rely on Our Carpet Stain Removal Services for Greater Results!

For the most cost-effective and comprehensive carpet cleaning services all around Newnan, GA, Penco Clean is the name that you should be relying on. With years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, our cleaning professionals have proved to be an efficient company that ensures the utmost client satisfaction. To reach us for our bleach spot and stain removal services, call us anytime at 678-722-8686 or contact us online. We're here to provide 24/7 emergency restoration as well!

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