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Carpet Pad Drying & Repair in Newnan, GA

Soft, dry carpeting brings comfort and warmth to your home. But carpet pads that provide much of that comfort can become water-logged after a leak or flood, and your carpet repair won't be complete with carpet pad drying and repair. Lingering moisture can lead to mold or mildew contamination, foul odors and other adverse affects on your carpet or flooring. For carpet pad drying and repair, rely on the professionals at PENCO Clean.

Carpet Restoration: Padding After a Leak in Newnan, GA

Wear and tear, age, water or pet damage and odors settle into carpets and underlying carpet pads. These prolong the life of your carpet and can help keep them from bunching or wrinkling.  

It is recommended to replace carpet padding every five years, or anytime it becomes flooded or saturated. Strong liquids like gasoline, milk, vinegar, bleach, etc., can also necessitate carpet pad drying and repair or replacement. Pet urine, vomit or other odors can also apply if the pad is too damaged.

Call PENCO Clean today at 678-722-8686 to learn more about carpet pad drying and repair, and ask about free estimates.

Signs PENCO Clean Should Repair or Replace Your Carpet Pads in Newnan

Sometimes you don't notice when a carpet pad should be replaced, but here are signs that you should contact PENCO Clean for carpet or carpet pad repair or replacement:

  • Crinkling sound when walking on your carpet
  • Lingering carpet odor regardless of cleaning frequency
  • Unevenness
  • Wrinkles
Benefits of Carpet Pad Replacement

Why Pad Replacement By PENCO Clean?

  • Helps absorb sound & reverberation
  • Comfortable, cushioned walking surface
  • Helps protect wood or concrete flooring

Carpet Pad PENCO Dries & Repairs

At PENCO Clean, we match and install patches, as well as wall-to-wall carpet pads. Our carpet pad drying and repair services include: 

  • Rebond pad
  • Foam pad
  • Prime urethane pad
  • Wool pad
  • Synthetic fiber pad
  • Rubber pad
  • Nonslip pad for rugs

Trust PENCO Clean For Carpet Drying & Repair in Newnan, GA

For nearly 20 years, PENCO Clean has professionally cleaned Newnan, GA, area carpets and provided carpet pad drying and repair. We can determine if you need deep carpet cleaning or carpet pad drying, repair or replacement. We provide carpet services and assistance in Albany, Ashburn, Brooks and throughout the Newnan area.

If you require carpet pad drying or repair after a storm, water damage or other carpet disaster, our PENCO Clean skilled technicians can remove carpets and padding, clean and dry your subfloors, then clean, re-install or replace carpets and padding if necessary. Additional services include water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, storm damage, disinfection, content restoration, commercial restoration, and many more. Call 678-722-8686 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.

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