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Carpet Tack Strip Repair in Coweta, Fayette, & Newnan, GA

Need help fixing loose carpet tack strips? At PENCO Clean, our IICRC license and insured crew members provide assistance for tack strip repair. We ensure proper alignment for an effective carpet installation.

Functionality of Carpet Tack Strips

Carpet tack strips, also known as tack-less strips or gripper strips, play a crucial role in the installation of wall-to-wall carpeting. These strips are typically made of wood and have small, sharp nails or tacks protruding upward. They have two key functions in the carpet installation process:

Importance of Repairing Carpet Tack Strips

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Track Strip Replacement: If Necessary for Carpet

For years, PENCO Clean has been providing the most cost-effective carpet cleaning and repair service in FayetteZebulonNewnanGriffin and other cities within Greater Newnan. We try our best to improve the quality of your daily life. For the sake of our customers' convenience, we offer tack strip replacement as well as repair services. So that we can help you with any carpet-related services. The benefits you will get from us are:

Allow PENCO Clean to Secure Your Delicate Carpet with Track Strips

It may seem that carpet track strips are very simple, but don’t judge a book by its cover. You must need professional support to repair it. That’s why PENCO Clean is always there for you. We have the ability to clean your carpet, remove stains, and restore the shine of your tile and floor.

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