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The majority of homeowners prefer to install interior features like carpets, tile, and upholstery to improve the aesthetics of their houses. But with time, if they are not regularly maintained, carpets may develop stains and dirt, tiles may lose the floor surface, spills may cause unhygienic grout, and upholstery may develop rust or corrosion. However, to solve all these problems, there’s only one solution - PENCO Clean. We are here to provide you industry standard cleaning service for your indoor amenities.

We are serving throughout Hogansville, Georgia, and its neighboring surroundings for a long time now. To book our services, call straight away at 678-722-8686. We are also available online. Click on the link to get in touch.

How to Routinely Clean The Tiles & Grout in Your Home?

man cleaning tile and grout floor with machine

You'll notice the tiles and the grout between them begin to become dark and dingy after a couple of days. It not only has a disgusting appearance, but it might also contain germs and bacteria that are exceedingly unclean and spread a variety of diseases. Consequently, a cleanup routine is required.

  • Everyday cleaning: Wipe the tile with clean water after using the kitchen or bathroom. Apply a vinegar solution to the grease or stains to be removed immediately.
  • Weekend deep cleaning: You might apply DIY remedies. Water and baking soda are added to the mixture to produce it. Apply the paste to the grout, rub with a brush and rinse it with water.
  • Professional cleaning once a month: Even if you clean your home thoroughly on your own, there may still be microscopic germs remaining. This could disperse germs or crumble the tiles. So, a monthly professional cleaning service is necessary.

Clean Your Indoor Aesthetics Professionally with PENCO Clean

Our company provides you with comprehensive and cost-efficient cleaning solutions for residential and business properties all over Georgia. We have set a higher margin in this cleaning industry of carpets, tiles, grouts, upholstery and other surfaces. We have a wide range of services available - Bathroom tiles cleaning, Grout colorizing, Duct cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Carpet cleaning and more.

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